Let’s Get Motivated

My two adult children ran a 10K race in London this weekend in aid of Cancer Research. It was a proud moment when I saw the picture of them together before and after the race. They ran to support a worthy charitable cause and to set a fitness goal for themselves.

Before my kids could achieve this goal, they had to train and prepare. They actively started a running plan. They changed their diet and eating patterns. They joined a running club for a supportive community of people, with the same interest. They set a goal with a deadline. They finished the race and accomplished their goal.

Let’s look at what should motivate us as Christians!

Motivation is powerful when we want to accomplish something in life, like running a 10K in London. It pushes us to continue and persevere. For example, we might be motivated extrinsically by money, a promotion, an award, recognition or praise. Alternatively, we could be intrinsically motivated by the personal gratification of accomplishing a goal or solving a problem.

Motivation can also be a powerful weapon in our spiritual lives as well. Let’s look closely and what Jesus taught us about motivation.

In John 5:30, Jesus said, “I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.” Did you catch that? Jesus wasn’t looking to please himself. He wanted to please His Heavenly Father.

As Christians, we need to be motivated by our love for our Heavenly Father and His will. This kind of love motivates us to care for our family through providing financially for them. This motivates us to see past the dirty diapers to know that we have the privilege of training up the next generation of Jesus followers. This motivates us to spend quality time with Him and in the Word every day as a vital life source. This motivates us to act when we see injustice. This motivates us to provide for those, who are less fortunate than we are. This motivates us to seek God’s ways and His will for our lives.

You might be someone who says, “Well, if I only knew my PURPOSE in life, then I would be MOTIVATED.” God has made our purpose abundantly clear in scripture. God made us for His glory! We see that in Isaiah 43:7, “everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” God told us why He created us – for His glory!

I pray that your love of God and all that He wants for your life will serve to motivate you. Ask God to help you be renewed, revitalised and refreshed in your walk with Him, knowing your purpose and motivated by your devotion to Him.