God, I’m Waiting on You!

It is never easy to wait! In traffic jams, we look for ways to avoid having to wait. Even if it means going in another inconvenient direction, we often want to avoid standing still or having to wait. In life, we just want to keep moving.

Most people would consider me a classic Type-A person, so patience and waiting are not strengths for me. Scott Mcleod says that a Type-A person is characterised by constantly working against the clock. However, sometimes God wants us to wait on His perfect timing. Right now, are you waiting for God’s direction, healing, intervention or provision?

Let’s look at what the Bible tells us about waiting on God. When the Israelites were in the wilderness in Numbers, the cloud and fire directed their movements. When the cloud was overhead, then they had to wait. David had to wait to become king. The prophet Job had to wait for his suffering to end. Joshua waited to see the Promised Land. Paul waited to be released from the prison. Abraham and Sarah waited for a son, who was called Isaac.

What’s God doing when He makes us wait? God is increasing our trust in Him, and gradually getting us to relinquish self-control. By waiting, it is teaching us to avoid making our own accomplishments an idol. After all, God is sovereign and in control of whatever we are able to accomplish. And finally, waiting makes us more humble and patient, knowing that we must rely upon God.

What should we do when we are waiting? We need to pray and seek God’s guidance during these times. We need to expect God to answer and be willing to do whatever He asks of us. And finally, in times of waiting, we should continue with the work that He has revealed to us previously until God reveals the next steps.

Let’s walk through these times of waiting, trusting that God knows and acts with our best interest in mind!


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